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What is Willow

Reminiscent of the early Speak Easies, Willow is a stylish, spirit forward, cocktail lounge.
Willow embraces cocktail culture and caters to a very diverse clientele. Reminiscent of the early
Speak Easy, with only 50 seats, Willow is intimate, cozy, and dimly lit. 


Willow pays homage to the unknown and often overlooked contributions of Authentic
Detroiters to the cocktail culture. Willow gives subtle but intentional nods to southern influences,
presented with Detroit style, creating an authentic and culturally relevant cocktail experience.


House Rules

1. WILLOW IS A SEATED BAR. 50 seats for 50 guests. For the enjoyment of all our
guests, we ask you to limit any standing and any unnecessary movement.


2. Respect your neighboring tables. Please “speak easy” and respect the privacy of your


3. WILLOW cannot accommodate groups larger than 4 without a reservation.

4. WILLOW does not allow add-ons to any parties without prior approval.


5. WILLOW is a small bar with very limited seating. Guest visits are limited to one hour
and ½ (90 mins).


6. The majority of your party must be present to be seated.

7. Guest will not be seated less than 30 minutes before closing time.

8. At WILLOW cell phone usage of any kind is strongly discouraged.

9. All men must remove their hats prior to entering Willow.




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